We’re looking forward to our Fall Professional Development Series Program starting on the 19th!

png;base64bf8ce3aaa5ec964eProfessional Development is a vague, at times confusing and overwhelming phrase. Is it writing the perfect resume? Finding the right fitting suit? Applying for continuing education?

Professional Development at Career Gear is all of the above, but more than anything, it is about relationships and community. Career Gear is proud to announce our Fall 2015 Professional Development Series (PDS), set to kick off on Wednesday, August 19th. Over the next 5 months, participants will begin to build bonds and professional networks that will have long-lasting impacts on their professional ambitions.

This semester, Career Gear has scheduled an impressive curriculum of 45 workshops. The workshops, held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings from 6-7:30pm, are located at Career Gear’s new office: 40 Fulton Street, Suite 701.

Many of the informative and entertaining workshops from last semester will be returning, including Bruce Weldyn, Director of Stores for Armani (‘Interview Tips and Skills’), Brian Blake, Founder of Achieve Peak Performance (‘Networking Tips’), Chris Dlugozima, GreenPath Inc. (‘Credit Reports and Scores’), and Dorian Cattani (‘Building Wardrobe Confidence’). Career Gear is more than grateful to have such dedicated and passionate facilitators returning to our program.

This semester also brings along some exciting new material, including workshops focused on specific career sectors. Lisa Dowd, CVS’s Regional Learning Center Manager, will lead a workshop on the various career pathways at CVS. Tony Gaston, Director of Business Solutions at Per Scholas, will provide an overview of career opportunities in technology. These workshops, coupled with our workshops on resume writing, interview tips, and cover letters aim to provide thorough professional development for our clients.

“We are eager to see old faces and develop relationships with many new participants this fall,” explains Oscar Prado, Director of Programs. “We hope this fall will be busy, productive, and meaningful for all clients that attend.”

Career Gear is incredibly grateful for all the community-based organization, corporate sponsors, as well as individual facilitators who will be an essential component of PDS this Fall.