AIG hosts Mock Interview Event for Career Gear and Osborne Association Participants


On October 29th 2015, AIG’s Legal department hosted a Mock Interview Event for 25 Career Gear participants.  Since AIG first offered to conduct mock interviews in 2012, we have organized several events and made this opportunity available during most Professional Development Series (PDS) semesters.  As usual, the event was incredibly inspiring for participants and AIG volunteers alike.  

In attendance, there were participants from Career Gear and the Osborne Association, one of Career Gear’s newest referral partners.  Before getting into the interviews, participants had the privilege of hearing from Jennie Anderson—AIG’s Global Head of Talent Acquisition— who gave a dynamic presentation on various topics related to job readiness, including how to enhance one’s interviewing skills, maneuvering competition in the job market, social media etiquette, the importance of networking, and tips on crafting an effective resume.  

During her presentation, Jennie Anderson stressed the importance of having an immaculate resume in order to get an employer’s attention.  According to Ms. Anderson, “a potential employer will look at a resume for no more than 7 seconds before making a decision about whether or not to interview a candidate”.  Considering that most employers are reviewing hundreds of resumes, finding ways to stand out and grasp the employer’s attention can be a real challenge.  This is why, concluded Jennie, “networking is the most important and effective way of finding a job”.

Participants were engaged during Ms. Anderson’s presentation, which touched upon many of the concepts and ideas that we explore during our PDS workshops.  According to Edward Figueroa, the Program Manager for the Osborne Association’s Career Center, “the location of the day’s activities was quite inspiring to those of us in attendance, as well as being supported by a presenter that was very knowledgeable and never talked down to our participants, which truly empowered them”.

After Ms. Anderson’s presentation, participants enjoyed a hearty and healthy lunch while AIG staff organized a team of over 20 volunteers to conduct mock interviews.  Each participant had the opportunity to attend 2 or 3 mock interviews with different volunteers from AIG’s legal department.  This segment of the event gave participants the opportunity to meet with experienced professionals and get individualized suggestions on how to improve their resume and interview skills.  After each interview, participants received verbal and written feedback, including their strengths and areas for improvement.

The Q&A session that was held at the end provided clients the space to ask AIG staff work-related questions, share their concerns, and talk about what they gained from this experience.  The participant’s responses were overwhelmingly positive.  Generally speaking, participants were grateful and energized by their experience.

“It was inspiring. The mock interviews fostered relationships between AIG volunteers and Career Gear. It also gave us encouragement and support, including some tools that can be used to build the foundation we need for job search and interviews… It gave us an avenue to interview with 2-3 people who gave invaluable experience and information.” -JM

Overall, the event was a success! On behalf of Career Gear and the Osborne Association we would like to thank AIG for making such a powerful experience possible for our clients.  We look forward to organizing future events with AIG while strengthening our partnership.  

Author(s): Uzoma Chibundu and Ashyle Horton