STRIVE-ing Towards a Better Future!

Meet Cesar… born in Puerto Rico, Cesar currently lives in the Bronx with his three daughters. He is a participant in the Strong Fathers Stronger Families program. STRIVE has helped him through the daunting process of getting a job. Through STRIVE Cesar has become a more active part of society as well as a better father. Growing up as a troubled kid he wants a better life for his kids than what he had. His first priority is to hold a steady job so that he may provide for his family. Cesar’s favorite part about being a father is watching his kids grow. Cesar loves playing with his kids and spoiling them as much as he can. However for Cesar one of the most difficult challenges of fatherhood is being unable to support his kids, but through hard work Cesar knows he can be the best for his kids!

Cesar is determined to fulfill his role as a father, and we hope you join everyone at Career Gear in cheering him on… because strong fathers truly make stronger families.