Cooking His Way to the Top!

Meet Chris, a 31 year old from the Bronx. Despite growing up in a rough area Chris managed to graduate with an IEP diploma. However, after graduation he soon discovered that his IEP diploma held little value in the real world. He was unable to get into college or find suitable employment. He felt like without the proper education his hands were tied.

Chris managed to find a job but eventually had to leave due to health problems. Disheartened Chris expressed his frustrations to his social worker. That’s when he found ACCES-VR, a amazing program that offers educational options to those in need. ACCES-VR  payed for Chris to go to culinary school and set him in the right direction. In a world that puts walls in front of people that need bridges, Chris describes ACCES-VR as “a breath of fresh air”. Chris feels more motivated and purposeful than ever and is on the path towards a great future!

Everyone at Career Gear wishes Chris good luck in culinary school. He has a great future ahead of him and we hope you will join us in cheering him on!