Teaching Community Activism

In 2014, Career Gear began implementing more programming on social issues with the goal of encouraging participants to become more proactive in their communities, as mentors and leaders. In an effort to empower program participants to take an active role in the issues and policies that directly impact their lives and the lives of their … Continued

Spotlight on a Participant: Kevin

Kevin is an 18 year-old student in Manhattan who despite working part-time since 14 and participating in a multitude of extracurricular activities holds a B+ grade average and intends on putting himself through college. His parents moved to NYC from Fuzhou in 1995 to avoid Chinese familial size restrictions and, since neither of them speak … Continued

The Power of Positive Communication

On February 23rd, twenty participants in our Personal Enrichment sub-series enjoyed a special workshop: “The Power of Positive Communication”. Red Katz, an entrepreneur and inspirational speaker, hosted the session. Red is also the author of “Live Your YOUlogy”, which focuses on the importance and need of positivity when it comes to personal outlook and developing … Continued

Troy M.

“The time that I have spent at Career Gear volunteering has taught me a valuable lesson. I have learned that it is better to give then to receive.”

Candace Woo

“Working with the men of Career Gear has been an amazing experience. They are strong, determined individuals who have overcome many obstacles in life.”

Alex Price, nycTIES

“Our work with Career Gear revealed that the most critical efforts for social change are not always the most high profile.”

Kat Selvocki, New York Cares

“We know the work that New York Cares volunteers do at Career Gear is the first step to making an incredible change in one man’s life.”


“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with a mentor. I am budgeting, saving more money, providing more support…”


“The Professional Development Series workshops provide valuable information in a male-friendly atmosphere, which fosters openness in the discussions…”


“Career Gear has helped me with job retention and is continuing to help me with any obstacles that pop up in my everyday life.”