Professional Development Series

“Career Gear has helped me with job retention and is continuing to help me with any obstacles that pop up in my every day life. I am grateful to Career Gear and the staff. I am glad that there is a place like this that men like me can come and receive guidance, support and help that we desperately need. Thank you.” James, Career Gear Client


Professional Development Series

The Professional Development Series provides skills that focus on the professional and emotional state of the participants who are engaging in life-changing experiences. The curriculum of the program is divided into four main developmental categories: employment, finances, parenting and life balance. Examples of workshops include Interview Tips & Skills, Credit Repair, Conflict Resolution and Men’s Health.

As a group program, the Professional Development Series provides an environment that promotes participation, discussion, accountability, networking and support. Sessions are held in the evenings and are facilitated by professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to provide meaningful experiences to all participants. The program is divided into two phases, and placement is determined by participation, skill level, commitment and the review of data.

The following is the schedule for our Spring 2017 Professional Development Series. Please call 212-577-6190 to confirm attendance at least 1 business day in advance of the seminar. All seminars are located in our offices at 40 Fulton Street, Suite 701, New York, NY 10038. Please bring picture ID to sign in at the front desk.

Date Category Topic
1/25/17 Goal Setting and Budgeting Financial Management
1/30/17 Police Reform Life Skills Development
2/1/17 The Hard Truth on Soft Skills Life Skills Development
2/6/17 Live Your Youlogy for Success Life Skills Development
2/8/17 Banking and Banking Services Financial Management
2/13/17 Goal Setting and Budgeting Financial Management
2/15/17 TBD TBD
2/22/17 Credit: Mastering the Fundamentals Financial Management
2/27/17 Banking and Banking Services Financial Management
3/1/17 The Hard Truth on Soft Skills Life Skills Development
3/6/17 The Compund Effect of Positive Habits Life Skills Development
3/8/17 Credit Management Financial Management
3/13/17 TBD TBD
3/15/17 TBD TBD
3/20/17 TBD TBD
3/22/17 Debt Management Financial Management
3/27/17 TBD TBD
3/29/17 TBD TBD
4/3/17 TBD TBD
4/5/17 The Hard Truth on Soft Skills Life Skills Development
4/10/17 Networking Life Skills Development
4/12/17 Identity Theft Financial Management
4/17/17 Access to College/Trade Schools Career and Education Advancement
4/19/17 TBD TBD
4/24/17 TBD  TBD
4/26/17 Savings and Investing Financial Management
5/1/17 TBD TBD
5/3/17 TBD TBD
5/8/17 The Psychology of Spending Professional Development
5/10/17 Technology Training Opportunities Professional Development
5/15/17 TBD TBD
5/22/17 TBD TBD
5/24/17 The Hard Truth on Soft Skills Life Development Skills
5/29/17 TBD TBD
5/31/17 TBD TBD
6/12/17 TBD  TBD
6/14/17 TBD TBD


Success within the Professional Development Series is determined through the reporting from Quality of Life surveys, which are administered to all participants.
If you would like information on how to participate in or facilitate one of our workshops please contact us here.