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Fatherly + Bonobos

Demonstrating the good being done in the world by dads this holiday season, Fatherly + Bonobos are teaming up to uncover stories about noteworthy organizations through Fatherly’s social cause platform, Fatherly Gives A Damn.   To watch Luis’ story of success check out this awesome video!    

Happy Fathers Day!

In honor of Fathers Day we asked Jerry from Strong Fathers, Stronger Families how he feels about fatherhood. Jerry said the best part of being a father is  he gets to raise his children better than he was raised. The Strong Fathers, Stronger Families program helps low-income fathers, 18 and older, enter and succeed in the workforce while … Continued

Getting to Know The Door!

Meet Bernard, who comes to Career Gear from The Door. Having recently immigrated to the United States from Haiti, Bernard described his first impression of America as a very busy place and where it seems like everyone is rushing to get somewhere.  Using that “keeping busy” mantra, Bernard is currently studying at Per Scholas. Once he finishes his training, Bernard wants to attend … Continued

Meet Derrick!

Meet Derrick, a 19 year old from a big family in the Bronx. He currently goes to Stony Brook University and studies applied mathematics and statistics. Derrick has set his sights on becoming an actuary. He has always been interested in math but was uncertain about his career path. After doing some research he was … Continued

Cooking His Way to the Top!

Meet Chris, a 31 year old from the Bronx. Despite growing up in a rough area Chris managed to graduate with an IEP diploma. However, after graduation he soon discovered that his IEP diploma held little value in the real world. He was unable to get into college or find suitable employment. He felt like without the proper … Continued

STRIVE-ing Towards a Better Future!

Meet Cesar… born in Puerto Rico, Cesar currently lives in the Bronx with his three daughters. He is a participant in the Strong Fathers Stronger Families program. STRIVE has helped him through the daunting process of getting a job. Through STRIVE Cesar has become a more active part of society as well as a better father. Growing up as a troubled … Continued

Seasons Greetings!

Thank you for all of your generous contributions to Career Gear this year. Your donations have allowed us to provide vital services to men living in poverty, through our Job Readiness Program, Professional Development Series, and M.A.S.T Mentoring Program.    Through your generosity, we have been able to impact over 1,000 men’s lives this year … Continued


“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with a mentor. I am budgeting, saving more money, providing more support…”


“The Professional Development Series workshops provide valuable information in a male-friendly atmosphere, which fosters openness in the discussions…”